Our software is only part of what we do


We want you to feel confident working with us. To achieve this we provide expert implementation, first class project management, dedicated Account Managers, technical support and comprehensive training. We form long-lasting partnerships with our clients so that we can evolve with their organization as they grow and their needs change.




Self-Managed or Advantzware Managed Options


Self managed: Traditional Server On Site - Customers can self-host the system on their own server where you provide a traditional or virtual server on site.


Hosted: Self managed hosting sites are fully supported using any hosting environment.


Advantzware Managed: Hassle-free solution for our customers who don't have the time or resources to worry about servers and the maintenance and just want a single responsible party for everything.




Advantzware Appliance


A fully configured and optimized appliance server (Tower or Rack Mounted) that is specifically configured for optimal Advantzware performance.


  • Upgrades are performed automatically
  • We take full responsibility for all hardware and software infrastructure
  • We can perform backups including location disaster recovery options
  • Single configuration guarantees performance
  • 'Ready to Ship' inventory for fast installation or replacement


Hosted - Complete outsource of responsibility and ongoing maintenance to us. We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide our hosted solutions.


Some of the benefits of our hosted option:


  • Upgrades are performed automatically
  • We take full responsibility for all hardware and software infrastructure
  • We perform backups including location disaster recovery options
  • Constantly monitored to ensure optimal protection against viruses and spyware




Implementation and Training


Our experienced implementation team is committed to providing you with the necessary knowledge to maximize your investment in Advantzware. We provide expert implementation services through customized project plans to ensure Advantzware is integrated with the minimal disruption possible. Our implementation team will work closely with you to identify your specific needs to ensure Advantzware delivers for your organization. We will use a combination of on-site training, online training and project management to implement the system. A detailed implementation plan will be completed in coordination with your system administrator prior to kick off.




Advantzware “Get Up and Go” Program (Optional)


Advantzware can use our Get Up and Go Program to provide professional services for data migration, system set-up, project management, training and consultation to facilitate implementation of the system and transition from your current system. This special implementation plan provides a System Set-up Specialist to enter information and build all of your data files required to make the system operate efficiently so that you are not required to disrupt your business and tie up your own people and resources to do so. Once the system is all set up and ready to go, an Implementation Specialist will come on-site for a week of training and assistance for you and your employees and take you “Live” on the system. During the “Go Live” process, our Support Specialists will be standing by to answer any questions that may arise and assist with tweaking the data or set-up files to keep your operation moving forward. The advantage of this program is that it minimizes the impact on your employees and the disruption of your business. Your new Advantzware system will be tailored specifically to your operation and will provide immediate improvements in efficiency and productivity without adding additional staff.




Technical Support


Our support team provides expert technical assistance through our highly trained professionals who are committed to client satisfaction. Their goal is to use their expert knowledge of Advantzware to provide you with a positive user experience. As a client, you will have access to our online Support Portal which provides all current product support information, issue tracking, documentation and product release notes.




Customizations and Modifications


Advantzware has many standard features but we understand each organization’s needs are unique. Advantzware can be completely tailored to match your company branding with customized forms that include your company logo. We can also develop system modifications that adapt the workflow to your preferred internal processes. Our system has been developed over the past 25 years based on input from our valued customers so you will have the advantage of best practices by hundreds of other companies similar to yours.

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Provide our customers in the packaging industry operational efficiency, profitability and growth by delivering a leading-edge business management and distribution system with exceptional customer service.

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